Will CBD Products Make Me Test Positive on a Drug Test?

Many people wonder whether taking any CBD or hemp extract will cause a person to test positive on a drug test. Ultimately, it depends on how much THC is in the product, how much of the product you take, the person’s metabolism, and how sensitive the drug test is. Many people can take hemp-based CBD products under 0.3% THC and have no problem. Other individuals can and have tested positive on tests.

Technology has advanced for blood testing or urine testing, even the slightest levels of THC can be detected if the latest tests are used. At Dose of Nature, with the Brands we choose to represent, we are careful to only use THC-Free extracts. This means that in the source extracts, the THC levels are undetectable. The oils we use typically go through a fractional distillation process which selectively pulls out the THC and leaves the balance of the full-spectrum of the plant. We want people who take our products to feel comfortable knowing they won’t test positive for THC.

In any case, though, Dose of Nature can’t guarantee its products for drug testing purposes. We have had some people who have claimed that our products were the cause of a positive drug test, when they actually were using other products that were the source.

This is the same reason that branches of the US military ban any use of hemp products, even hemp seed protein and hemp seed oil which have virtually 0% THC, as some individuals have claimed those products as the source of positive drug tests. Therefore, in order to avoid any confusion, we won’t guarantee the products for drug testing.

Hope this helps. Call if you have any further questions.