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RedStrap Hemp Vape  ** 250 mg - 500 mg - 1250 mg - 2500 mg **
RedStrap Hemp Vape  ** 250 mg - 500 mg - 1250 mg - 2500 mg **

RedStrap Hemp Vape ** 250 mg - 500 mg - 1250 mg - 2500 mg **

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Dose of Nature Redstrap CBD Hemp Extract 100 mg blended in a 60%/40% Organic Vegetable Glycerin to PG mix.

  • Natural Hemp Extract Flavor - No added flavors.
  • 50-State Legal with no psychoactive ingredients
  • Proprietary Dose of Nature CBD oils are the purest, cleanest, and most bioavailable CBD oils on the market.
  • All natural ingredients – the full-entourage RedStrap CBD oil 
  • If you are looking for the amazing natural benefits of CBD, Dose of Nature’s products give you the best chance of positive results.
  • Quality passionately matters to us.  If it matters to you, trust Dose of Nature CBD.

Product Description


  • Natural Full Spectrum:  The RedStrap CBD oil used by Dose of Nature provided the full spectrum (or entourage) of native cannabinoids present in commercial hemp.  None of our ingredients have been chemically synthesized in a lab. 


  • Certified Content/Safety – The RedStrap CBD oils are tested by 3rd Party facilities throughout the growing and manufacturing process.  Given the FDA warnings and concerns about actual CBD content in products, Dose of Nature will be implementing 3rd party random testing of its finished products to certify the CBD content and safety of its products.  This will include CBD and other trace cannabinoid levels, heavy metals, solvents, and bacteria/mold levels.


  • 50-State Legal:  The Dose of Nature products are non-psychoactive.  These naturally CBD-rich extracts of hemp are legal in the US and in many countries without a prescription.  For more information on the legality of the hemp products, refer to


  • The Hemp Source:  All of the hemp products at Dose of Nature are grown from Certified EU Strains of non-GMO Hemp, and grown to strict organic standards in France, Spain, Germany, and Czech Republic.  The products are tested to ensure that the products are pesticide and herbicide free.


  • The Products: These RedStrap CBD Oils are clear and pure, not the sooty, cloudy products common in other products.  Because of the highly-refined nature of the RedStrap oil, and the particulate size, the cannabinoids are able to be dissolved easily and completely in the base oils.  This is the finest most bioavailable CBD oil available.


  • The Natural Benefits and properties of CBD Cannabidiol are well- researched and well-publicized, including anti-anxiety, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, anti-seizure, anti-pain, among others.  However, success is by no means guaranteed in any particular situation.  The effectiveness can vary by condition, health situation, diet, other medications, and other mitigating factors.  The particular dosing needed for effect varies greatly on these factors and the bioavailability of the CBD.   The quality and bioavailability of the RedStrap CBD oil, though, gives you the best chance of seeing positive results.   


  • RedStrap CBD:  RedStrap CBD Oil is generally between 65 – 80% CBD, which is one of the most highly-concentrated full-spectrum sources of native cannabinoids.  The hemp plant materials goes through a unique and proprietary process of optimized CO2 extraction, and then goes through a meticulous refining, filtering, and de-waxing process to achieve the end product.  Through this process, the cannabinoids are liberated resulting in particle size close to 150 nanometers in size.  When dissolved in the base oils, the cannabinoid size drops down to 3 nano meters, which allows for the best bioavailability at the cellular level.


  • The Company:  Dose of Nature is privately-owned, and comprised of people passionate about natural health and healing.  We attempt to combine the latest scientific research to amplify the effect and bioavailability of nature’s finest ingredients.


  •    We Are Here to Help:  We welcome your inquiries at 801-607-5096 ( M-F 9am – 5pm MST) or


Supplement Facts

  • Bottle Size:  15 ml
  • Serving Size:  As desired for effect
  • Ingredients:  Full entourage RedStrap CBD oil, 100% organic vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol.


Consult a physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, have a serious medical condition, or are giving this product to a child.  Store away from heat, light, humidity.  Refrigerate if possible.