Nano Silver Strap
Silver solutions have been widely researched and well-documented in countless studies as a broad-spectrum disinfectant, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal product. Common products in the market force you to choose between ionic silver or colloidal silver, which is a pure mineral permanently suspended in water. For the first time, Dose of Nature and its Nano Silver Strap provide a combination of colloidal nano silver spheres blended with nano ionic silver particles encased within BioPulse Nano Technology HydroPods. Silver solutions on the market come in various types, concentrations, and prices, but we believe Silver Strap to be by far the most cost effective solution to preserve your family’s health.

Benefits of Silver Strap
Nano Silver Strap is a natural supplement you can use to protect you and your family. Use the product as a natural supplement orally, use it as a spray disinfectant, or soak for vegetables.

Nano Silver Spheres
Silver Spheres are nano colloidal silver particles roughly 2 nanometers in diameter, or approximately the diameter of DNA in your cells for reference. These Silver Spheres are dispersed and suspended throughout the Silver Strap solution, and will not settle out of solution. The concentration of Silver Spheres is 5 parts per million (5 ppm) resulting in a 1 oz dose of Silver Strap containing 148 micrograms of Silver Spheres.

BioPulse Nano Silver
BioPulse Nano Silver is an advanced silver solution where ionic nano silver is bound within stable micro water clusters, which allows for the ionic silver to be rapidly absorbed into the body, while protecting the ionic silver from prematurely bonding with other unwanted elements. Not only does the BioPulse Nano Technology provide maximum benefits from the nano Silver, but also provides the most robust cellular hydration product on the market for optimum health. BioPulse Nano Silver is produced at a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million) with a nearly uniform particle size of 3 nanometers. In the 1 oz dose of Silver Strap, you will have 296 micrograms of nano silver, approximately 6 times the dose of competitive products.

This silver is safe, effective, high dose of nano silver, at an very affordable price, while also providing advanced cellular hydration as an extra benefit. So, when comparing Silver Strap versus other Silver products, don’t focus alone on the parts per million of the products. You have to look at the ppm in the size of the dose they recommend. Look at the total micrograms of silver you are getting in a recommended dose to effectively compare across products. You’ll find that our Silver Strap is by far the most cost-effective product on the market. We hope that you’ll give it a try.

We know the market can be confusing with so many marketing claims and types of products. If you do have any questions, we invite you to call Dose of Nature at 801-607-5096, or email us at info@DoseofNature.com.